These are some of the people in our community that support Anne Halsey and the reasons they are voting for her.

“To our friends in the San Marcos CISD area…..if you haven’t voted early, please vote on Saturday! We are writing in support of Anne Halsey for the San Marcos CISD At-Large position. From our time with her, this is what we can conclude:

• Anne is a strong supporter of public education. Anne has two kids currently in our school system and will have a third this fall. She has visited all campuses, listened to concerned middle school parents, met with a focus group of High School parents, listened to teacher concerns and has studiously studied the issues the district is currently facing.
• She has amazing energy and the willingness to be a trustee who will put forth the time and effort needed to support all students.
• Anne is a good communicator and wants to hear all sides of an issue before decisively voting in an educated and informed manner while also being a team builder.
• Most importantly, Anne does not have all the answers, yet she will humbly ask the right questions and work toward positive experiences and outcomes for both students and teachers.

We are very fortunate to have several good candidates running this year. We hope voters will choose Anne Halsey as one of their two choices for trustee.”

–Barrie Breed and Bill and Brenda Damron
Hart Properties and The Damron Group


“I am supporting Anne Halsey because she possesses all the traits that a great school board trustee should have. She will put students and educators first when making decisions while knowing that our public school system has a financial responsibility to spend our tax dollars wisely. She gets it, she understands the issues, and she’s a team builder.”

–Celina Bley, Ph.D.
Mother of 2 SMCISD kids and Texas Public School Administrator

“Michael and I believe in the value of the public school system. We believe that if caring, invested, passionate parents all put their children, time, and money into the system, then we can make that system better. My friend Anne Halsey is the embodiment of that idea. She has three children in the local public school system. She is not a politician. She is a passionate, intelligent, dedicated mother who is willing to put in the hard work to serve all of our children in the district. I know that Anne will research and study and put in the time that makes a school board member knowledgeable and successful. I know that Anne has integrity and won’t be compromised in any way. I know that Anne will fight for what she believes in, but will also always listen, and be interested in, what others have to say. I know that Anne will, above all, be passionate in putting kids first. I am so excited to be part of her campaign. I am so grateful that she is willing to run in this election and put in the time and effort necessary to serve our children.”

–Amber Walter
Mother of 2 SMCISD kids

“As a small business owner, I appreciate Anne’s commitment to providing additional services to our students by building community partnerships that draw on the dynamic array of resources available in San Marcos. Anne truly cares about our kids and she understands that a strong school district is integral to the prosperity of our community as a whole.”

–Kyle Mylius
Father of 3 SMCISD kids, Owner and Operator of the Root Cellar Café & Bakery

“I always vote, but I don’t like to get involved in politics or voice my opinion for a candidate unless I wholeheartedly believe in them—and at times it does not even matter what political party they belong to. But I am asking you to support my friend Anne Halsey for SMCISD Board of Trustees! Anne is a super mom like myself with children in the SMCISD district. She is not a politician, she is a mom who will make our voices heard for our children and teachers. I am supporting Anne is because she is very involved in her kids activities (school and extracurricular), but mainly because she and her husband actually have children attending our schools at this time. That is important to me with three kiddos of my own in SMCISD. Vote for Anne on May 9th!”

–Barbara Cordova Hurtado
Mother of 3 SMCISD kids and Texas State University Employee

“I am proud to support Anne in her run for school board. She is intelligent, hard-working, and passionate. She cares deeply about what happens in our schools and in San Marcos. I truly believe she will work to make decisions that are sound and responsible and do so while putting our kids first!”

–Claudia Torres
Mother of 2 SMCISD kids and Director of the Presbyterian Parent Cooperative Preschool

“As an early childhood educator at Bonham Pre-K, I see every day exactly how profoundly we can impact and improve the lives of our most vulnerable students. Anne Halsey doesn’t dodge the facts. She knows that a majority of our district struggles to make ends meet, and she will push for the substantive changes to district policy that aspire to level the playing field for all students in our district. Anne knows that our district will improve when we expect excellence from all of our students, not only from a privileged few. She will work to guarantee that every student has the opportunities and the support they need to achieve greatness, regardless of their starting point.”

–Stacey Gardner
Mother of 2 SMCISD Kids and Pre-K Teacher

“Anne Halsey is one of the most hard-working, unflappable, and business-savvy people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. As Media Director of a $200 million-dollar foundation, she successfully built relationships and programs with organizations as highly visible as the PBS News Hour and as small and fledgling as a poetry video program with students. Super smart and always positive, Anne will provide the leadership San Marcos CISD needs for students to thrive.”

–Emily Warn
Former Director of the Poetry Foundation’s Online Initiative

“As a community, the school system is ours. I respect that it’s not for everyone, but I also respect those who work toward positive change where they see the need rather than storming off in a huff over a singular experience and telling everyone in their path how terrible the district is, which seems to be all too common. I’d rather tell those people, “Don’t like it? Don’t give up on it, CHANGE IT.” We don’t do ourselves or each other any favors by tearing down the only educational opportunity that thousands of kids in our community have, if we’re not attempting to be constructive. I do, however, see many people in our community who care, and who work for positive change, and I admire that. That’s why Anne Halsey has my vote.”

–Jess Youngs
Mother of 2 SMCISD Kids and President of the Presbyterian Parent Cooperative Preschool

“I am in my 18th year as a teacher and my 13th year as an educator in Hays County. Anne Halsey has my full support because I know her heart is in the right place, because I know that she expects San Marcos CISD to be an exemplary school district, because I know that she can marshal resources in support of that cause, because I know she will initiate the crucial conversations with all stakeholders that must happen in order for us to move forward together, and because I know she believes as I do that every exceptional community begins with an exceptional school district. Anne Halsey will work tirelessly to make SMCISD the kind of district we can all be proud of and she has my vote on May 9th.”

–Chris Gardner
Father of 2 SMCISD Kids and High School Teacher

“Vote for Anne–she is one of the wisest, most caring, and dependable people I know. I was very fortunate to have worked with her at the Presbyterian Parent Cooperative Preschool where I was director and lead teacher for 6 years before moving to San Antonio. Anne is an awesome mom. She is very talented and dedicated. She is the best person to represent the children, families, and the school district of San Marcos.”

–Patricia Janke
Mother and Former Director of the Presbyterian Parent Cooperative Preschool

“Anne’s mentorship in my recent job search was invaluable. Anne truly understands how education and schools are the keys to a thriving community. She knows that putting kids first is essential to ensure that a growing community remains vibrant and healthy. Anne is trustworthy, compassionate, and shows 100% commitment to anything she takes on.”

–Lacey Morris
MSW, Texas State University, 2014

“I sure wish I could be back in San Marcos in time to vote to elect my good friend, Anne Halsey, to the San Marcos School Board in the upcoming elections! She and her family are big supporters of LIVE music in SM! Besides that, they can even say that they’ve camped at the Mark Twain Cave in Hannibal, MO!”

–Gregg Andrews
Dr. G & the Mudcats and Texas State Distinguished Professor Emeritus

Anne is grateful for the support of a broad base of SMCISD community members. If you support Anne for San Marcos CISD School Board and would care to tell us why we’d love to hear from you. Please email Anne at halseyanne@me.com. Thanks!