SMCISD Adds New GT Facilitator

I’m proud of the combined leadership of community, staff, administration, and board members that led the way to advancing the allocation of more resources toward classroom instruction AND addressing issues of equity in last night’s action to hire an additional GT position for our district. This is ONE of the ways in which we can simultaneously close the achievement gap, give more resources to all our classrooms, and foster a culture of high expectations and achievement for ALL students.

Thanks especially to the broad coalition of engaged parents, teachers, education experts, and TXST faculty–Amber Tomblin Walter, Eduardo Rios, Brandon Beck, Tracy Weinberg, Brenda Perkins Butler, Alex Mylius, Carol Fernandez, Toni Moreno, Yvette Cantu, et al–who worked so hard to present a comprehensive proposal that both demonstrated the need and the opportunity for better serving all of our students.

I am optimistic that this is a first step toward rebuilding a robust and equitable enrichment program that will be an asset to our district as a whole.

To read the San Marcos Mercury’s coverage of last night’s meeting and the full GT proposal as submitted by the committee, please go here: