1 Day Until the Election: Get Out the Vote!

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 7.56.17 AMDear Friends,

This election is critical. And it’s going to be very close.

If you live within San Marcos CISD—even if you do not live within the City of San Marcos—you are eligible to vote.

Please, make your voices heard! Let officials know that you want our schools to be great! Let them know you are a champion of public schools! Let teachers know you support them! Let the board know that you want every student to succeed!

Let the district know you want to keep PUTTING KIDS FIRST!

Election Day is tomorrow, SATURDAY, MAY 9. Polls are open from 7 AM – 7 PM.

Polling locations are:

New Life Christian Center (District 1) | 4000 Highway 123 | San Marcos
San Marcos Housing (District 2) | Residents Office | 820 Sturgeon Street | San Marcos
Martindale Baptist Church (District 2) | Main Street | Martindale
Dunbar Center (District 3) | 801 MLK Drive | San Marcos
Crockett Elementary School (District 4) | 1300 Girard Street | San Marcos
Travis Elementary School (District 5) | 1437 Post Rd | San Marcos

You can find your district and polling place via this link:

PLEASE go vote on Saturday. And please ask someone else—maybe your spouse, a parent, a colleague, or a neighbor—to go vote, too. Tell them this election matters to you.

Tell them that our kids count. Tell them that every vote counts. It really is that important.

Thanks so much for your amazing encouragement and support these past weeks. It has been extremely humbling and uplifting and I am grateful. I know that working together, WE CAN DO THIS!